Sometimes I hear people say that they're not interested in politics.

When they think of politics, they think of people in suits talking endlessly about boring stuff. Worst of all, discussions about controversial topics can often become heated, so in order to avoid uncomfortable situations many people avoid talking about political matters altogether. If that sounds like you, just remember:

You might not be interested in politics, but politics is definitely interested in you.

Politics has a hand in nearly everything we do, and affects us deeply whether we realize it or not. That's why I believe strongly that as citizens of our countries and of our world, it's our responsibility to think critically and ask questions so we can understand how political forces work. 

My aim in this blog is to offer my analysis on a variety of currently pertinent political and economic issues, particularly from my perspective as a Millenial. It gives me a chance to write, learn, and share my knowledge, but also to promote critical thinking about important stuff that affects us all. If an issue is controversial, it's likely to be important. And what seems dull at first can and often does become interesting once we begin to dig past lines of rhetoric, and sometimes even layers of truth.

My interest and forte is global politics and international affairs, but I also love learning about the natural sciences and philosophy. In 2012 I graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor's degree in Political Studies, minor in Economics, and in 2015 I completed a Master's degree in Political Science from Carleton University.

I hope you'll find this blog valuable. Happy reading!

Brad Stollery